The modern workforce knows no boundaries. Your workplace shouldn’t either.

Work is no longer a place, but an increasingly dynamic activity that people expect to be as adaptable as they are. Companies that recognize and move to accommodate this will boost their productivity and results. Those that don’t, well, won’t.

Today’s employees don’t want to be hemmed in by technology. They want the freedom to work when and where they choose. They want things to be as simple and efficient as they are in their personal lives where everything can be done with a few clicks. In fact, they don’t even want to think about work. They want to show up, have the tasks they need to get done automatically pop up along with the insights they need to execute them quickly and move on.

How can you deliver what they want? Create an intelligent, digital workspace.

Work Smarter

Technology has transformed every aspect of our personal lives. We’ve largely abandoned traditional storefronts, preferring to shop online instead. We’ve ditched our wallets and checkbooks in favor of mobile payments. We read our news on tablets and phones. And we have digital assistants, who thanks to things like artificial intelligence and machine learning, know and can do things for us without even asking. We’re more efficient and productive as a result. These same technologies can make us better at work.

Using digital workspace solutions, companies can serve up personalized access to the systems, information and tools their employees need to be productive anywhere, anytime, on any device. And they can do it in a secure and reliable way. Sound like a pipedream? With the right solution, you can make it a reality.

Keep Things Simple

Technology can be a double-edged sword. In many cases, the solutions we implement in the name of simplifying things only make them more complex. Employees get frustrated and don’t use them as a result. How can you avoid this trap when it comes to creating a digital workspace? Look for a solution that is three things in one: flexible, intelligent and secure.

· Flexible — If your organization is like most, you’ve got an ever-increasing list of SaaS, web and mobile apps running on any number of clouds. With the right digital workspace solution, you can give your employees access to all the applications they prefer to use in one, unified experience and provide IT with a single control plane through which they can onboard and manage application performance without getting in the way of the user experience.

Think of it like a Bento Box. You provide they box and choice of items, employees fill it with they like and will consume.

· Intelligent — Automating work is great. But optimizing it is better. The best digital workspace solutions leverage innovative technologies such as machine learning alongside simplified workflows to organize work and give employees insights and task automation needed to be more efficient and productive.

Tasks from finance, procurement, HR and sales applications, for example, can automatically be pulled up when they are opened so that employees can execute them without having to drill six clicks in.

· Secure –The gap between the number of jobs available today and the workers to fill them is wider than it has ever been. To top it off, the five generations that make up the pool of talent that is available each have different levels of technology understanding and preferred ways of working. And they may not be located near your work hubs. If you want to win the war for talent, your workplace simply must be flexible.

But it also has to be secure. Any digital workspace solutions worth its salt comes delivered in a contextual wrapper that dynamically applies security policies based on a user’s behavior and environment, allowing them to work the way they want with the confidence that their applications, information and devices are safe.

When it comes to work today, there are no borders. Want to improve your productivity and results? Tear down the proverbial four walls and create a virtual workspace where your employees can work in a flexible, intelligent and secure way that unlock innovation, engages customers, and moves your business forward.

Tim Minahan is the executive vice president, business strategy and chief marketing officer at Citrix, a leading provider of digital workspace solutions.

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